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Hyaluron Pen Fillers (for Lips, Face, & Body)

Hyaluron pen lip fillers add volume to your lips, face, and body. Can be used for nonsurgical nose job, cheek fillers, smile lines, cheeks, jaw contouring, and chin. Can be used to apply filler to buttocks, hips, cellulite, and wounds. This filler method is done with NO NEEDLE!!! So there is no chance of nerve damage or hitting a vein!

Lip Filler - 1mL

$ 250

Facial Filler - 1mL

$ 250

each additional mL is $200

Body Filler - 1mL

$ 300

This is a specific body filler. Not the same as face/lip fillers. Therefor it is more expensive. Each additional mL is $250

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