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Ombre Powder Brows

New & Correction set of brows

  • Brow Removal (Per Session) $150

    Removal of previous brow work. Unlike other tattoo removal services, saline tattoo removal leaves the skin in tact with no scars or issues, which makes the process less painful for

clients and more ideal if the client wishes to get brows done in the future. I use a medical grade numbing cream to make the process as pain free as possible. Each session consists of 20min of numbing plus 20-45 mins of removal. Must wait 4-6 weeks between sessions. Most removals take 5 sessions. Bundle and save on your removal!
  • New Ombre Powder Brows $350

    This is for a brand new set of ombre powder brows. For people who have never had any work done on their brows before. Please Text or DM me on Insta/Facebook with pictures

of your bare brows with no makeup on your brows. Please send me these before booking your appointment if you are not sure if you are a candidate for this service. Otherwise I will schedule a virtual consultation with you once you book this service ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Brow Camouflage $150

    Helps conceal imperfections from previous brow work. Can also help thin out brows that were done too thick.

  • Correction Brows $450

    This is to correct previous brow shapes & colors. Color correction can cover up purple, pink, red, green, gray, or blue brows. Shape correction can fix uneven or too thin of brows.

Too thick of brows requires removal or camouflage. In order to book this appointment you must send me photos of your bare brows either via TEXT or DM via IG or Book, once I see your pictures I will let you know if you are a candidate for this service and will send you a private link to book an appointment. If you need removal then you must first book removal sessions with me. Please see BROW REMOVAL service for more details.

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